What The Hospitality Industry Needs To Know About Unemployment Insurance

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What service industry workers need to know when they get laid off/fired.

One of the most looked over parts of jobs in the hospitality industry is that of the benefits offered, both by the government (local, state and/or federal) and company. In times like these, there is a lot of confusion of what is available to hospitality employees, particularly those employees that are tipped. We want to break down the most common benefit available to you and the ways to go about taking full advantage of your unemployment benefits immediately. Read More

RE: Restaurant Layoffs Due To Coronavirus

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If you're the owner or manager of a restaurant closing because of the Coronavirus crisis, these are the things you need to consider when you inform your staff.

We are facing one of the scariest times for the hospitality industry in modern history. Restaurants, hotels and other venues are subject to mandatory closures across the country and the world. We know that hospitality management across the board has told tens of thousands of their employees they don’t have a job and many more will have to be told in coming days.

As business leaders, it is imperative that you take your team through the process both professionally and with empathy.  Doing so will minimize the emotional trauma for your employees and help ensure that the team that you have worked so hard to train is waiting for you when the industry gets the all clear to re-open for business.  Here are a few core values to keep in your mind. Read More