Restaurant Consultant

restaurant consultant

Ocean Drive Communications is the restaurant consultant your business needs.

Here at Ocean Drive Communications, we know that hospitality consultancy is a competitive field. We reflected long and hard on our experience, skill-sets, talents and passions before we took the plunge to become a restaurant consultant agency. Simply put, there is nothing we would rather be doing than solving your restaurant’s problems and ensuring that you are capable of giving your guests the very best experience possible.

It’s a job interview cliche to declare one’s greatest weaknesses are that you work too hard and care too much, but it’s one that we wholeheartedly embrace. When you hire Ocean Drive Communications, you are going to discover that you have a knowledgeable and passionate advocate devoted to your restaurant’s success.

What we do as restaurant consultants

Despite what you may have seen Gordon Ramsey do mugging for the cameras on his reality television shows, you will find our approach to be quite different and much more effective. Our initial audit of your restaurant will examine your venues’ layout, menu, decor, employees, and any standard operating procedures that have been implemented. We will look through the financial analytics to determine what aspects of the business are working best before implementing commercial triage.

Once we know exactly what we’re dealing with, we’ll conduct our analysis and present our findings to the stakeholders. This is typically when we give you a lot of bad news followed by a few drops of optimism as we recommend our fixes. Once we have an established strategy, we’ll get to work on implementation. We will trim the fat, eliminating any unnecessary expenses. We will also start to streamline operations by determining how the work of your staff can be done faster and more effectively.

Depending on the state of the location and its equipment, we may need to recommend some capital investments like having renovations done or buying new furniture, POS systems or kitchen equipment. With larger changes, the business might have to be shut down for a period as this construction takes place. We can take the time then to come up with a restaurant branding strategy, in anticipation of your grand re-opening. Alternatively, if a shut-down isn’t required, that plan can be introduced piecemeal.

New Menus

A big part of being a restaurant consultant is managing food and drink costs. Have no fear, this isn’t a race to the bottom with cheap well drinks and reheated food. The knowledge that you are hiring us for is how to provide your guests with the best dining experience possible while ensuring the costs incurred are paying off for your customers. Upgrades to your beverage menu depend on the particular venue, but given the current market, we’d expect to add some “craft” to your cocktails and beer. Likewise, we like to ensure that your food menu is lucrative but competitive for your desired market segment.

Once the endstate of this revolution of business affairs is determined, we take our knowledge of industry best practices, combine them with the institutional knowledge of your employees and create the standard operating procedures that will ensure the restaurant can keep running in top form long after we’re gone. Once those procedures have been created, the staff will be trained on them as part of their professional education.

…and then we ride off into the sunset (almost).

As is the nature with consultancy, our intense intervention will be a temporary one. Our goal is to get your venue off the ground again so it can soar without our daily assistance. This doesn’t mean we’ll be gone forever. Ocean Drive Communications can still provide your staff with assistance and training as required to keep everything up to snuff. These arrangements can be made as part of an overall package or sorted out as the initial contract is completed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We love helping restaurants and we’re sure we can help yours. Get in touch and learn what Ocean Drive Communications can do for you!