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A Team Your Business Can Depend On

Ocean Drive Communications offers your company the expertise it needs to move forward. With over three decades experience in corporate troubleshooting and restaurant management, we offer your venture the experience and know-how that will allow you to side-step the pitfalls and landmines that are lying in wait to obstruct your operation's quest for success and profitability. We've encountered these challenges before and have the expertise to get you past them. Make us part of your corporate arsenal today!

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Branding Strategies

Your company’s brand is what defines it. It’s your statement to the world. It’s the central pillar of your business, around which everything must pivot. Ocean Drive Communications will help you create a conceptual branding strategy that will increase your company’s definition, create separation from would-be peers and bring esteem to you and your employees.

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Corporate Events

When your company needs to hold a party, dinner or retreat…but you’re not in the business of running parties, dinners or retreats, Ocean Drive Communications is your go-to. We know the questions to ask the venues, the headaches to avoid and how to come up with a detailed plan that ensures that your event goes smoothly and achieves its goals.

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Business Development

Ocean Drive Communication works in business development to increase the long term value of our clients in a variety of ways, typically dependent on business and the market opportunities present. We help our clients create and build the partnerships and relationships they will need to grow into the future. This type of development helps businesses create and exploit opportunities as they arise to generate a wealth of literal and social capital.

Product Launches

Food and beverage product launches are tough, especially if the places that you want to put you on the map aren’t where your corporate offices are located. You’re going to need a team that can learn the industry topography of a destination location quickly, knows how to get your product into bars and restaurants (and liquor stores, if applicable). You need people who know when the best time to approach a manager is. Ocean Drive Communications is that team. We’ve been on both sides of the pitch process and know what approaches work…and which ones don’t.